Compiling project from data files

For some reason my .aup file saved but my project is not in it. it is empty. However, I still have all the data files. Is there any easy way to recompile the recording from the mini data files or do I have to transfer them all back into the project individually?

.aup file saved but my project is not in it.

You can get that if you stopped the Save too soon. The AUP is the last thing created.

What’s the show? If it’s a raw recording of a live performance (for example) you can sometimes use the file time and date stamps to re-assemble all the little clips. If it’s the edit master, the show may be dead. There is no recovery.

Scroll down to Manual Recovery.


A hint. If it’s a stereo show, the AU files alternate Left and Right. I think it’s the first two AU files are picture data files that create the blue waves. They’re not sound.