compiling ExportFFmpeg.cpp returns data-type error

I get this error when building:

export/ExportFFmpeg.cpp: In member function ‘void ExportFFmpeg::SetMetadata(Tags*, const char*, const wxChar*)’:
export/ExportFFmpeg.cpp:881:97: error: operands to ?: have different types ‘const wxCharBuffer’ and ‘const wxChar* {aka const char*}’
av_dict_set(&mEncFormatCtx->metadata, name, mSupportsUTF8 ? value.ToUTF8() : value.mb_str(), 0);
make[1]: *** [export/audacity-ExportFFmpeg.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/audacity-src-2.0.6/src’

What have I done wrong? The ^ is actually under the () of value.mb_str

Audacity is very picky about the version of FFmpeg.
Did you configure with the “–disable-dynamic-loading” option? if not, try that.

./configure --disable-dynamic-loading

–disable-dynamic-loading made no difference.

–without-ffmpeg allowed compiling; that audacity works.

Given you are reporting somewhat obscure errors, could you confirm your distribution, your exact configure command, your version of FFmpeg and version of wxGTK.