Compiling Audacity using VC6

Hello all.
I’m just now starting to study Audacity.
To begin with, I want to build Audacity by myself.

However, I only have VC6 and do not have VC7.
(The documenatation comes with ver. 1.2.6 says that VC7 or VC8 is required.)

1)Can get some sort of “Patch” to current stable rease of 1.2.6 which enables VC6 complilation ?

2)Can I get prevoius version of Audacity which could be buit using VC6 via the CVS ?

Sorry for my poor English vacabrary and thanks in advance for your patience and help.


All current development is on Audacity 1.3
Development on Audacity 1.2 ended some years ago.

There is a guide to developing on Windows here:
I think the developers have recently switched from MSVC++ Express 2005 to Visual Studio 2008, but I think you can get that from the same link.

Oh I did not know about the “Express Version”.
Nowadays, MS delilver free development tools, don’t they ?

I’ll download it, and try to build Audacity by myself again.

Many Thanks !!

Yukio, How did you make out ?