Compiled with ASIO support but crashes

Hello fellow audaciers.

I have followed the instructions of Audacity build with Steinberg SDK.

  • I have built wxWidgets with VC++ 2005 (Dll Debug configuration)
  • I have built Audacity with VC++ 2010 (Debug configuration)

It was not easy - few days of work… I was needed to change few source files to fit to the latest CL compiler and many custom VCXPROJ files were needed to be updated (mostly adding paths, libraries and removing quotation marks).
Nevertheless, I’ve got Audacity built. but I have issues when trying to use it.

First, when I start (from Visual Studio Express IDE), I get this message: “Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable ‘paAsioDriverInfo’ was corrupted.”
Guys, anyone, does anyone have a hint / seen similar corruption? Any idea is hugely welcome.

Second, ASIO recording seems working at least when recording I see waveforms of the recorded channels. But when I try to playback the recording, it crashes - looks like a memory corruption. Again, any idea is hugely welcome.

Thanks to all readers and developers here.
– C,.

Build Widgets with the same version of VS that you use to build Audacity.

Currently we only officially support building with VS 2008.

Try rebuilding Widgets (DLL Unicode Release) with VS 2010 then rebuild Audacity Unicode Release in VS 2010. That configuration should work. There is no point building ANSI unless you are on Win98/ME. No point building a slower debug version unless you want to debug.