Compile fails on SVN Audacity in OpenSUSE [SOLVED]

I’m currently attempting to build and install Audacity on OpenSUSE 12.2, x64.

And I have followed all the instructions listed in the following pages:

I have my own copy of WxGTK installed in /home/etna/Downloads/Applications/Audacity/dependencies. To make the compiler aware of the libraries, I have also done the following step:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/etna/Downloads/Applications/Audacity/dependencies/lib64

I have also configured Audacity with the following:

WX_CONFIG=/home/etna/Downloads/Applications/Audacity/dependencies/bin/wx-config ./configure --with-libvorbis --with-libflac --with-ffmpeg --with-lame --with-libid3tag --with-libmad --prefix=/home/etna/Downloads/Applications/Audacity

However, when running make, the build fails at the linker stage with a ton of messages pointing to undefined reference to ‘wxString…’ as shown in the pastebin link:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

In Missing features - Audacity Support did you do the step labelled “Instant gratification (optional)” and make the “minimal” sample program? Did that run correctly?

Did you build shared libraries of wxGTK?

Did you you build unicode release version of wxGTK and is that the default version? Check at:

wx-config --list


It was compiled with Unicode support.

For some reason, deleting all the sources and rebuilding them once again results in a successful build. Odd.

But hey, at least it’s working now.