Compile Audacity 2.1.3 seems ok, but no playback sound

Win 7 sp1

Imported wav file

Audio Host = mme
Speakers(Realtek Hi def) does match my hardware
“Software playthrough” checked
ASIO not yet installed

Tested Realtek Hi def speakers in Win 7 control panel “sound” window – audible test sound is generated

Audacity playback meter displays 46-48 db output in both channels

Audacity Log: “FFmpeg libraries loaded successfully.”

Audacity Device Info:
Default playback device number: 3
Device ID: 3
Device name: Speakers (Realtek High Definiti
Host name: MME
Recording channels: 0
Playback channels: 2
Latency’s …

Thank you for your help !

That’s a very low level. Try generating a tone (Generate menu > Tone) with the default 440 Hz 0.8 amplitude.

Fantastic Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: