Compensating for delay in monitoring during overdubbing

I need to know if anyone can tell me how to compensate for the delay in output monitoring during overdubbing. If I cannot hear the input I’m recording in the same time as the tracks already recorded, this setup isn’t very useful.

I know about latency, I know about soundcard delay, I know where these are in the manual, but I don’t see any instructions in the manual regarding fixing this delay, just a warning that it will occur.

I’m running Win10, Audacity 2.1.2, and a Behringer XENYX 302USB mixer for my I/O.

The delay occurs if you route the sound through the computer before sending it to your headphones. To avoid the delay, monitor through your mixer.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tip. I am monitoring through my mixer. That’s where the headphones are plugged in. STill get the delay. Is there something software-related I have to do in order to re-route the audio output?

Most mixing desks allow you to monitor the sound that is going into the desk. This has nothing to do with Audacity or even being connected to a computer - you should be able to monitor the input to the desk via headphones plugged into the desk even without the desk being connected to the computer.

In Audacity, “Transport menu > Software Playthrough” should be off (not selected), otherwise you will get an echo.