Compatibility with recording HW/SW

I’m a naif beginner in digital recording ! I hope it will not be a nigthmare…
I need to migrate old hi-fi stereo analog recordings (LP and Tapes) into digital hi-fi (therefore mp3 and vme
formats are excluded as “master” digital, I need uncompressed formats with the best-reasonable sampling frequency,
bit rate and latency).
I will use my Toshiba Satellite M30 (XP SP2) portable computer and the Terratec Phase 24 FW “sound card” and its bundled SW.
I need to know if Audacity SW is compatible with the above HW and bundled SW.
Bundled SW in the CD in the HW package is:
-WDM driver for Windows XP SP1
-Core Audio and Core MIDI support for MAC OS X 10.3.4

  • ASIO 2.0 support - Windows only
  • ASIO 2.0 support - Windows only
    -GSIF 2 support - Windows only
    -WDM Kernel Streaming support - Windows only
    -ASIO, GSIF,WDM Multiclientsupport - Windows only
    -MME and DiectSound support - Windows only
    -Control Panel for Windows SP1 and MAC OS X 10.3.4
    NOTE: updates to the above can be downloaded from the Terratec site.
    Plaese let me know if i can work and if there are special cares to be applied.
    Tks and Regards
    PS Garantisco che posso comprendere anche risposte in Italiano.

It should work using the WDM drivers, but I can’t guarantee it - drivers do not always behave as expected. It may be worth asking Terratec about that.

Exporting the final audio files as 16 bit 44.1kHz Microsoft PCM WAV format is CD quality, can be burned onto CD without any format conversion, or compressed to FLAC format with no additional loss in quality. (FLAC is a lossless compressor that makes the files about 40% smaller and can be easily converted back to WAV. It is fully supported by Audacity, but not necessarily other programs or players).

I’ ll do …and cross my fingers ! As I well know (and respect) Murphy’s law.
Any other hints ?
Tks and Rgds