Commercial Audition Question

When submitting an audio book narration we apply a Noise Reduction and then Normalize to -3.4 peaks to the file.

Does anyone know if there is a special process for audio commercial files or should we apply the same as an audio book? Or maybe we don’t apply any effects to the file at all unless requested.

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It will depend on how the client uses the recording. You should ask the client for their requirements.


Unfortunately we don’t get to ask questions when auditioning for a commercial job. I’m new to commercials and was hoping someone in the forum has had experience with this and could share how they process a file before submitting an audition file for a commercial.


I would assume the audiobook specs are fine. I also assume you are auditioning your voice, not your recording & production skills. (Although it’s not a good idea to submit amateur-sounding recordings.)

Companies / agencies that hire voice talent have guidelines regarding “demo reel” submissions. You need to follow their guidelines.
If you are applying through an agency, then follow the agency’s guidelines.

On this forum we can give technical assistance for using Audacity software. We can’t predict the format requirements of some hypothetical employer. We do know the submission requirements of ACK, because they publish them here:


I appreciate your responses!

Please have a great and positive day!