Command-line subliminal messaging


I’m hoping someone could help me find a develop for Audacity using the Linux version. I have a project that require command line arguments that will produce subliminal message file. I have approve funds to pay, so this isn’t’ a free be job. Was wondering if any of the forum moderators could suggest some one?

I apologize about posting this in the wrong location.

George Heckman

I started a new topic for you.

If you wanted to use Audacity it is probably best to compile Audacity and use Scripting. But Audacity would still run as a GUI application. Running as GUI Audacity can accept complex scripted calls from the command-line but it can’t run effects from the command-line without running as GUI.

If your application is online you will need to be very aware of security issues.

You may want to look at SoX which has no GUI.

As far as I know the only Audacity Team or unofficial developers who take assignments are on Windows.

There are sites online where you can hire people with programming and scripting skills.


Does it need to run entirely as a command line application, or do you want to just send additional arguments? What exactly are you trying to do?

Hi Steve,
This post pretty much describes how and what we are trying to do in Audacity. ( ) Below is kind of what we are looking to accomplish in Linux version:

audacity -inputwavefile -noattended -output1-frequencyModulated.mp3 -output2-orginal.mp3

Files Specifications:
Input Wave comes in from our system as Wave PCM signed 16bit, 44100hz, 705 kbps, mono (aff_temp_350356_86436_169746.wav)
aff_169746_86436_orig.mp3 is converted to MPEG Audio Layer-3, 44100hz, 128kbps, mono
aff_169747_86436_fmd.mp3 is converted to MPEG Audio Layer-3, 44100hz, 128kbps, mono

I was willing to take this project on for George but am facing jury duty which might preclude me from finishing the project in a timely manner. We have exchanged a couple of emails and he is welcome to share anything I say/said via email with anyone, either here on the open forum or in some private message. Here is the jist of my most recent reply to him:

Something just crossed my mind – just for the sake of explanation, I’m going to simplify your command line to:
Audacity.exe InputFile.wav OutputDirectory
and we are going to imagine someone sitting at a terminal typing that in at the commandline; Audacity imports the wave file, automatically processes it with a Nyquist effect then exports an MP3 in the specified directory. In the process Audacity’s GUI opens up and, while the process is “hands-free”, the operator must wait until Audacity is finished processing and exporting then must exit Audacity via the GUI. At this time, this is what you have asked me to provide (although I suspect it is not what you really need).

At a bare minimum I suspect that you would like Audacity to close automatically after exporting the MP3. I also suspect that you really want to process multiple wave files in something that resembles an unattended process (I suspect you’re hoping to run with a batch file). Using a batch file (at least on Windows commandline) will not work in this instance without some special programming because only one instance of Audacity may be open at a time and a batch file does not wait for Audacity to exit before processing the next line.

Audacity may already have what you need built-in; look at the Chains feature.

I think that Chains, with a few minor tweaks***** which I have already written and tested extensively on Windows, might provide him with everything he needs. My code would need to be slightly modified to account for the need for changing the Export directory dynamically for each input file. I would be happy to provide Steve with this code so that he can see how I did it.

*****The ability to process a text file which contains just a list of audio files to process, fully qualified as to path and extension with one file per line.

Hi Edgar,

I was able to get the time line increase until the end of the month, and also may have someone to compile the Linux version? How is jury duty going? Let me know if this will work?

I am subject to being selected to a jury up until the afternoon of 15 April and, if selected, would be tied up until the trial completed. I sent you a more detailed email…

Your deadline is also problematical; it’s next to impossible to promise to complete something without having all the pieces in hand. I am sure I could give you some ready-to-compile code which was a “proof of concept” (has all the features you require but not necessarily working completely to your specification) two weeks after I had an explicit, complete design for what you want. Unfortunately, since this is all being done online, it’s hard to say how long it will take to nail down the design much less complete project.