command line help

Hi, I have used Audacity for years, it is a massive help in my work (VOIP engineer). I was wondering if someone could help me with command line parameters to convert files. The most common task I do is take voice prompts form peoples existing phone system and convert them in to 8000Hz, mono, u-law, WAV files. I am sure there must be a way to call Audacity form the command line with instructions to do this process?

At the moment, I open the file, from the track menu, convert it to mono, Then from the track menu resample it to 8000hz then from the file menu export it as ‘other uncompressed files’ with options: Header: ‘WAV (Microsoft)’ and Encoding: ‘U-LAW’

Any help would be massively appreciated.


For command line audio work, I’d highly recommend SoX

Another option for the job you describe is FFmpeg: