Command line functions or software integration

This application would probably do the trick as is. It would need to be driven by some external timer-based (scheduling) program but that is fairly trivial. For Windows (at least the more recent versions) there is some form of Task Scheduler which would certainly do this job.

Robert – might I impose on you to take a quick glance at the German translation of the documentation. The German version does not have a picture inserted for now. The attached zip file as both the current English and German versions. I have no idea who wrote the German version, I got it from Pierre.
AudioBiocolor1.0documentationDE& (73.9 KB)

Well, it is a machine translation.
I think I’ll rather start from the English version as a template. I’ll leave the licenses (GPL and so on) in English (although they might be available in other languages).

Thanks! Remember this is a labor of love so don’t invest a lot of time and energy. It seems that the inventors of the hardware needed my software so that large-scale trials could proceed without intensive human intervention in the process of recording and saving the audio. The original inventors/doctors are French but the critical trials are to be performed in Los Angeles where Spanish is at least as prevalent as English. German came up only by accident – you jumped in here and offered a translation of the switches!

No one knows if not A. Schwarzenegger or someone from Pennsylvania needs your software extension.
There are about 100 mio German speaking persons in Europe alone, so it would be worthwhile to post the availability of the tool in the German Forum at least.
We have four official languages in Switzerland (German, French, Italian and Romansh) and all products are therefore quite messy to look at and maybe a little bit more bulky than elsewhere…