Command line functions or software integration

We currently run an external/manual launching of audacity and sometimes AVS (the interface being more simple) audio recorder to record entrainment sessions for holopsony (frequency modified music)which is used to help with drug free ADD-ADHD, autism, sleep disorders … very efficiently…
An audio test is made to determine the “listening curve” of each individual. providing a picture of the person’s hyper and hypo sensibilities to different frequency. a hardware DSP passes a music piece from an on-disk library of wav recordings to “render on the fly” an entrainment ( with the "hypersensitive frequencies filterd out , hypo-frequencies bosted and a low-high frequency toggle between main curve “events”) which is played back to the participant.

We record this session (in realtime) for later use at home by the participant
I want to launch an initiative to provide a free survey program and thus require that we simplify

I would like to be able to launch AUDACITY with a command line that would provide :

  • 1-the name of the file to be recorded, (i.e.: “lastname_firstname_20130915_09-05am.wav” )
    2-the location of the recording (c:/audio/entrainment)
    3- the DURATION of the recording

Currently, the hardware unit has one test stereo channel and “two playback/entrainment stereo channels” we are currently able to generate the information listed above an send to clipboard for one of the entrainment outputs.
but this now requires additional manual inputs for file creation/naming and to stop the recording…
I would like to know if there is a way to either launch Audacity with a command Line to do this completely automatically OR to embed the audacity software and functionnalities within the software or onto an hardware FPGA ( since that’s where the entrainment audiofile is generated) so that the generated audio signal being created and sent to the respective stereo jacks could also SIMULTANEOUSLY be recorded to FILE -on a USB key or connected drive

The idea is to simplify the operation for operators/clinicians and allow participants to easily receive their wav entrainment sessions to go home with…

ANY help, suggestions, hints as to how we can acheive this in the simplest or most efficient way for at least one stereo entrainment output and IDEALLY both


No one is replying yet, I am wondering if someone can at least tell me if I am day dreaming or if there might be a possible solution? or wether this couls be implemented by a programmer to benefit the community…

The problem with command-line operation is it needs to work on all three computer platforms, which means you need to resolve the forward and backward slash text differences and differences in file management, protected characters, etc.

Just the fact that your post languished for as long as it did means we have nothing for you.

There’s no shortage of people wanting the programmers to do things. The best thing you could do is find more programmers willing to volunteer at no charge for the Audacity Project. That would certainly benefit the community.


Audacity doesn’t have this kind of automation yet. Perhaps you want to write an AutoHotKey script or something like that.


I had a similar need for commandline processing though I only needed filename and dislocation not duration. I wrote a customized version of Audacity and have been using it now for a few years – it works great. At the time I posted all the code here on this board in the Adding Features forum but I suspect that the elves have swept all those posts into the dustbin.

With the understanding that I can only test on Windows 7, but am fully cognizant of the details needed for cross-platform functionality, I would be quite happy to give you access to my source code and offer at least a few hours of free programming time to see if we can get the duration command line switch implemented.

:smiley: Hello Edgar , and thank you!!!

That would be great… we’re using windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.4 the friend who has worked one the main holopsony program that needs to call Audacity is a french man that does not speak any english he has been doing his programming in windev15. I am not a programmer at all but would be glad to contribute as a translator and to provide any information needed to make this a successful thing. Jean (Jean Bouchet) is able to send the filename, desired disk location, and duration to clipboard in a text format like C:AudioENTRAINMENTlastname_firstname_Directory,FILENAME20130927_08H51,DURATION004500

  • would you have a prefered format for receiving or naming directory -disk location for us “C:AudioENTRAINMENTlastname_firstname”
    -could audacity create the directory if it does’nt exist?

previously Jean was generating a launch of AVS-audio recorder and generating windows clipboard entry containing
“C:AudioENTRAINMENTMATHIEU_PIERRE_20130927_09H04” and I suppose he can add the duration in any format needed

Hello Edgar! :smiley:

Happy to hear from you and thank you in advance for your generosity. I’m hoping this may also serve others in the community :slight_smile:
I am Pierre from Montreal (Canada)
At time present time Jean (Jean Bouchet a French inventor and engineer living in central western France near Briollay) has been developping the holopsony software and components from a Windev15 platform.
he had been able to generate a windows clipboard entry providing a fully descriptive pathname for a called software to be able to use (he had been using AVS audio recorder due to the minimalist-simplicity of the interface) to make the manual “pasting” as easy as possible …
I offer to be the “interpretor&go-between” to make this “international” project take place…
It is amazing that Jean and you share some character (facial) features as noted from your “” page… . where I learned you where a musician! and thus certainly aware of the incredible healing/transforming power of music…

please contact me in the best most efficient way for you and let me know what would be needed to go forward

I am enthousiastic to see this actually happen !

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I’ve got the job well over 1/2 done, The user (command line) interface is complete and working well; the export to specified folder is all working. Now all I need to do is the recording start/stop automation part (which will be either real easy or real hard ).

This job turned into a rather large labor of love! It is now substantially finished, with the application available in English French and Spanish (although the documentation has not yet been translated from English).

AudioBiocolor_Audacity 1.0 is a customized version of Audacity 2.0.5 designed to be used from a terminal (the command line) as a back end to the AudioBiocolor hardware. Its purpose is to automate the recording session, save the resulting audio file, name it and place it in an appropriate folder. All but one of the switches are optional and control various aspects of the recording.
switches English.png

I can provide a german translation, if you like.

That would be most generous of you! I have attached a zipped version of a text file which lists the strings. When you finish your translation zip file back up and attach it to a reply to this thread. (2.2 KB)
While I have attached a zip version of the current documentation rough draft it will need to be reviewed by Pierre before it gets translated. For now it’s just here for anyone who is interested in what the program does. (150 KB)

Ok, got it.

I missed one string: “powered by” in the About Dialog:
powered by

In Spanish Google Translate came up with:
Audacity_AudioBiocolor funciona con Audacity
and in French:
Audacity_AudioBiocolor alimenté par Audacity
and German:
Audacity_AudioBiocolor von Audacity angetrieben

The german is a real funny one…
the sentence implies that it runs with Audacity (instead of gaz…).
The literal meaning is “driven by”.
I would translate it rather as “betrieben von” - as it would be applied to the sentence at the bottom of this page:
“Betrieben von phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Group”
However, I’d preferred the English version as it is a well known expression for German speakers too and might have a less constrained meaning to it.

Hi Edgar,
Here’s your translation file back.
I’ve inserted several leading "-"s, for the short and long form switches (hope, that’s right). However, I’ve left it out for the question mark of the help switch.

In the English translation of some error messages, the quotes are missing too (not on purpose, I suppose?).
There might also some tailing “n” be necessary for certain string sets.
I am not sure if the directive for the percent progress is correct with “%d/%%”, also look at the single " before hours/minutes/seconds (Spanish translation only, I believe).
I’ve not added the strings from your last post. I would leave it by “powered by Audacity” for all languages, only capitalize it if it is on a new line (for German at least).
translations.txt (7.38 KB)
I’ve not zipped the file (not absolutely necessary, I’d say…)

Thanks Robert!

All of those look correct now, thanks.

In fact, before I use the string I have to strip the leading and trailing quote off anyway. If I ever do anything like this again I will not use leading and trailing quotes.

The “n” is a forced line break (line feed, newline, carriage return) and will only occur in messages with concatenated (added together) strings when you absolutely certainly want the next part of the message on a new line.

Thanks again, as I said earlier this is a labor of love; I have a vested interest in helping the target population of the hardware for which this software was customized.

Will these tool also be useable for the general public?
I ask, because there may be some interest for scheduled recordings.
For example, in a recent post, one user wants to record 5 minutes ambient noise every one hour.
We’ve got plenty of these “surveillance” posts.

I wonder how long it would take the developers to knock up a simple “surveillance recorder” to sell and raise funds for Audacity development?