command for "shift + tab" in chain command


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Audacity 2.1.2, distribution

creating a chain command I need “go back to previous label” (short-cut “shift+tab” ) but this is not in the list of commands because there is no command name for it at all only the short-cut.

How to put “shift+tab” into the command list of a chain command?

We’re working on upgrading Chains for 2.3.0 - and re-branding them as Macros

You’'l be delighted to know that we’re adding a load more commands for Macros - ans even better you get Move to Next Label and Move to Previous Label

2.3.0 is currently scheduled for mid-July


I am eagerly waiting to simplify the process of enlarging silence which is tedious and cumbersome at moment. Thanks for putting the item on your schedule. Hope you can launch the update in time :slight_smile:

The release date for 2.3.0 has sadly slipped a little - we are now looking at the end of August, sorry.



meanwhile I have version 2.3, but can’t find the command (newbee).
Can you please give me a hint on how to automate the task (should I do it inside audacity or outside with Python)?

I have a long mp3-file with words (vocabulary) and want to split it into separate mp3-files for each word.
With sound-finder I marked the words, but I still need a command to jump to the previous label (shift+tab).

Is there an easier way to do the job?

To avoid confusion, please use full version numbers. The current release version is 2.3.0. The current development version is 2.3.1.
I assume that you are using 2.3.0.

The macro command is “Move to Previous Label”.

There’s a list of built-in Macro commands here:

In order to see those commands in the menu structure you need to turn on the Extra menu with View > Extra Menus

Then you’ll see them under Extra >Play-at-Speed > …

But to use them in Macros you don’t necessarily need the Extra menus turned on.

In the Macro manager dialog Tools > Macros… when you use the Insert button you will get a list of all the commands available to Macros - and you will find The Move to Next and Previous Label in there.

Tip click in that box and type “Move t” and you will be straight at the Move To commands

See thsi page in the Audacity Manual for reference:


I am very sorry and apologize for being so stupid.

I do not find the suitable command (something like “Cursor zur vorhergehenden Textmarke”) in my German Version 2.3.0.

Please tell me which of the attached commands will do the job.

I don’t speak German, but my guess is: Zu vorheriger Textmarke bewegen

Thanks a lot! I am so stupid, sorry. Did not consider the hidden right column of commands.

Wunderbar :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for their patience with me. Sometimes things are hidden behind a curtain. Sorry. :slight_smile: