Combo shift & select

I do a lot of aligning of segments within a track (to match video)

If find it a bit annoying to have to switch back and forth between the select tool (only used used to position for a test playback) and the timeshift tool.

The multi-tool does not work for this as the segments are rarely at the end of the viewpanel (needed to shift in multi-mode)

It occurred to me that there is no function for the timeshift tool when it is not over a segment (is over empty part of track)

If the tool could act as a positioner (like when you click the track in select mode) when it is over empty track, it would save me many tool change clicks.

Not sure if what I am doing is a common use. If it is, please implement this small change.


Are you aware of the keyboard shortcuts for switching tools? F5 Time Shift tool, F1 Selection tool.
If you find those keys inconvenient but use them a lot you could customise the shortcuts for more convenient keys.