combining tracks to export entire file

i am using v 2.06 on windows. i just started using audacity and downloaded 2 tracks of an LP. I labeled them and exported to computer then made sure they played correctly on computer. i then went back to record the rest of the album (it put them on a different track?? when I went to export again it only did the first two. how do I combine them to export entire file?

If you want to record at the end of an existing track, just click somewhere in its blue waves then hold SHIFT down on your computer keyboard then click the Record button, or hold SHIFT and press R on your keyboard.

If you want to export the complete album as one file from tracks that are above each other in Audacity, Edit > Select > All, then Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End.

Use Export… not Export Selection… to export the result.


thank you Gale, That helped a lot.