Combining separate files into one file (e.g., add file)

I’ve read the search topics, and online manual topics, on combining files (no valid hits under add file), and any advice given is not correct for V2.0.2.

I am transferring some of my commercial CDs to use on my portable listening device. I was successful doing it the hard way. I imported the CD into iTunes (i.e., 10 separate files). I opened Audacity and imported the first file. I then imported the second file (which opened a separate Audacity window), selected and copied it, moved the cursor in the first file’s waveform to the end of the recording, then pasted, file by file. I hope to find a way to combine all tracks on a CD at the same time to one long Audacity file.

The closest suggestion online I found was to first simply import all 10 files into Audacity, then simply export, but this only saved the final file and not the whole album.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I could not find any answer.

Firstly, you’ve obviously used “Open” (= one file per project) instead of “Import” which allows you to import all files in one go into one project.
When all files are imported, you probably have to rearrange them vertically.
The newest Audacity version has the option ‘align’–>‘End to End’ in the track menu.
Once all is in order, vertically and horizontally, you can export the entire LP.
Make sure that no track is muted and choose the standard “Export” entry from the file menu, not “Export Selection” or similar.

Thanks Robert. V2.0.5 allign end to end did work. A timely enhancement!

BTW, I was using import in V2.0.2, but I went directly to select all then export, and it only exported the last track.

Great that it made the trick.
New Versions have sometimes nice surprises installed for us.

There are CD ripping software packages which will do this job all in one go for you - ripping to a single audio file and compressing to FLAC or MP3 if required. Personally I use CDex (which is free) - but there are others.