Combining Multiple Audacity Files

My plan is to make an audacity recording for each slide of a presentation. That way I can break it down into a small, manageable chunk for recording and editing.

After that, I want to combine all of those files (maybe 30-40) into a single audacity file. Of course I can do this manually, but is there a way to batch process them into a single file (assuming they are in numeric order to get the sequence right)?

Why not leave them separate?

The end goal is to import them into Camtasia (along with pictures of the slides). Camtasia does support that so maybe I don’t need to combine them after all.

I guess the advantage of combining them was that I could normalize the volume, add effects, specific amount of silence between the slides, etc…all in one shot. But that may not be necessary. I am still figuring out the process flow, but leaving them separate might work.

I think you will find it easier to use separate files. You then don’t need to worry about padding spaces between tracks with the exact amount of silence.

I don’t use Camtasia, but most video editing apps can adjust the volume of audio clips, and usually provide some basic audio effects. I would aim to get good quality clean audio clips from Audacity, and then tweak them if necessary in the video app.