combining mp3 files

I created about 12 hours of recording in audacity. (I created an audio of my book.) There are 12 one-hour files. So I exported them each as mp3 files only to realize that I wanted them all to be ONE mp3 file. What should I do? Do I have to go back to the original audacity files and combine them all into one file before exporting or is there a way to combine the mp3 files? I see that software is promoted elsewhere on the web but I’m NOT a techie and I’m leery of that. Thank you. :question:

Never do production in MP3. MP3 is a delivery format and it creates sound damage every time you use it. Far better to go back to the Audacity Projects – which hopefully you saved and still open.

Audacity doesn’t have Append Import, it’s a popular feature request, so you can shift-select or control-select all the aup files and double click. They will all open in their own production windows. You can then copy and paste 2 and up (one at a time) into the back of 1.

That’s the Reader’s Digest® version (and only one way). If you need more detail, write back.


Thank you, Koz. I didn’t get an email so I didn’t see your response sooner. I will try it that way - and I’ll write if it doesn’t work.

Better solution: Import the first file into a new project then use the Shift-Click or Ctrl+Click to add the others. That way you get them all in just the one Audacity window and can then do the copy/paste thing within that single Audacity environment.

The problem with that is that if DrDebH only has MP3 files and not a lossless format such as WAV or FLAC, then that method will loose some sound quality as Audacity will need to decode the MP3 files and then re-encode to create the joined together file as an MP3.

The way that Koz suggested involves only encoding once (the final export).

Another alternative method is to use MP3DirectCut
This program is able to join MP3 files without decoding them first and thus avoids the problem of encoding twice.