Combining consecutive tracks

Hi, how can I achieve this, please!

Currently I have 10 individual tracks linked together, separated by label breaks. I want to add another 6 separate tracks, making a CD with 16 tracks in total.

I added the first new track, and by following the instructions, was able to attach this one seamlessly to the other 10. I did this with the next track and tacked this on as before. If I play from the end of the original 10btrack bock, they play continuosly, one after each other.

I can add the remaining 4 tracks similarly.

But, of course, whereas the first 10 stereo tracks are the top two lines of the page, each successive new track, while following on, seamlessly, in terms of audio, takes up the next two tracks below each time.

Once I’ve added each new stereo track to the end, can I move contents back up to the top lines each time, as it makes it easier to edit the joins, and ultimately see all 16 stereo tracks on the top line?

Many thanks!

If you want gaps between songs there’s no need to “join” them. You can feed 16 separate files to your burning software.

I generally use ImgBurn with a cue sheet. I can use individual files or with a “live” recording or crossfaded mix I can use one-bit WAV file and put the track markers wherever I want.

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