Combining AUP Files


My friend and I recorded our conversation from different locations directly into Audacity. So what I have now are two AUP files (and subfiles) each with one half of the conversation. I’m trying to combine them into one file that I can work with directly. However, I think I’m reading in manuals/help that you can’t import an aup file into another.

So do I just have to take one and export it as a wav file and then import that into my other AUP as a separate track?


Yes, absolutely right :slight_smile:

(It’s also a good idea to keep a WAV format backup of both projects)

Do you mean backups of them uncombined?


While we go to great lengths to make Audacity as robust as possible, Audacity is very complex software and computers are far from 100% reliable, so I would always advise making a WAV file backup of every important recording straight away after pressing the Stop button. For really important recordings, make an additional backup on an external device (just in case your hard drive decides to curl up it’s toes and die).

Backups are a waste of time … until you need one :wink:

Thanks a bunch. :smiley: