Combining Audacity Projects!!

Help! Anybody!!

I want to compile a number of pre recorded Audacity Projects projects into 1 Audacity Project so I may be able to edit, compress, etc to produce a single Voice over demo!! The demo will eventually rendered down to MP3 as well as burned to CD! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



The desperation method is export each one as a WAV and Import each one into one Audacity. That will stack them all up one above the other and you can cut and paste or time shift them using the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows). Edit your brains out.

When you export that show to a new WAV, Audacity will mix down to stereo. Don’t use any of the original filenames in the final work. People do that and when they mess up, there is no original work to go back to.

I don’t think you can open more than one Project. Jury’s out.


Thanks, Koz!!

Using your method and it seems to be wroking fine! Just one question! Does the finished product need to be exported to wav, or can it go to MP3??

Thanks again!


You need to install something called LAME encoder into Audacity if you want to export (save) a version in mp3 format …

While I hope there is a better way, I just open the new project I want to create, then in another copy of Audacity I open each of the projects to append, then I copy and paste them individually into the new project. (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V)

It’s a bit messy and error prone, but it’s quicker than export/import.

it’s quicker than export/import.

Maybe not if you also have to create a new track each time, too. Paste works all on one track and if you need the time shift tool or other filters on a one by one basis, it’s easier on separate tracks.


I have a similar problem, except that I don’t have problems with copying and pasting, but with the confusion that arises at work recording a fairy tale. It features various characters. Since I’m not a professional actress, it’s hard for me to remember what voice I use for a certain person, so I record all the dialogues separately and save them as mp3s for each person. Then I record the basic fairy tale and then the problem comes. Inserting already recorded fragments into a longer recording, despite finding labels on the fly, during recording is an extremely petty job. Maybe there is some magic or some procedure that would make this job easier for me?
Thank you!