combine file formats into ONE save as or export box

1)Rather than have multiple menu options for saving as various formats, why not combine those into one box? (ie separate menus for export as wav or mp3)

2)ALSO in the save as box allow the user to define the parameters of the saved file. Ie (I have to go back to preferences to change the bitrate of the saved mp3 file. this is stupid and it is a pain if you are dealing with different files at different bitrates all the time.

thank you for your software.

  1. This is already implemented in Audacity 1.3.4
  2. In Audacity 1.3.4 the sample rate is set in “Preferences”, and the bit depth can be selected when you export the audio.

thank you for your response.
As mentioned in my previous post I am aware sample rate is in the preferences. There is no good reason for it to be there and that should either be moved out to the main window just like to select sample rate, mono etc and or moves to the save as dialog box.

When dealing with different bitrates this tends to be a pain going back into the preferences all the time.

Thank you

Actually I think there is a good reason for it to be there. I prefer to work in 16 bit 44.1kHz most of the time, so I can set that in the preferences. Other people prefer to work in 48 kHz 32 bit, so they can select that in their preferences.

In v.1.3.4 you can also set the project sample rate in the main window. This will over-ride the setting in Preferences, and will also determine the sample rate of exported audio. You can change the project sample rate at any time while you are working, or just change it when you are ready to export.

If you want to try out v.1.3.4 you can install it on the same machine as 1.2.6 as long as you install it into a different directory. The default directory for a Windows install is “Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode)”. (note that you can open v.1.2.x projects in v.1.3.x, but you cannot open 1.3.x projects in 1.2.x. Also you can not run more than one instance of Audacity at a time.

Actually I don’t see your point. According to your logic since you prefer to work in 16 bit 44kHz those options to switch to different sample rates should also be moved to the preferences ?


I am not talking about changing the default of the files as many other people would prefer to use the defaults of 16 44.1 khz. Just moving where one makes the choices for that soundfile all in one area, either on the pallet as it partially is now or the save as dialog box which is purportedly in the beta version.

My point is that those options ARE in Preferences
To make life better for people wanting to do what you are asking about; the project rate can also be changed in a single click in the main program window, and the bit depth can also be selected from the Export dialogue.

I would definitely recommend that you give version 1.3.4 a try, I think it’s a vast improvement on 1.2.6 and I think you will like it. :slight_smile: