Colour Chart for Theming

Maybe this is the wrong forum but…

I’ve designed a colour chart to help you out when theming colours in Audacity.
Download this .png and put it as a new layer in your ImageCache-project. You’ll get numbers that explains what each and every colour is.


…but I can’t see a more appropriate place either.

Nice idea tjoho0, it helps to make editing themes much easier.
I presume that you are aware that theme support is currently only partially implemented and still under development.

How accurate is that information? (Which versions of Audacity does / will it apply to?)

This is based on the 1.3.6 release. I will update it for 1.3.7 if there’s any changes to the theming. Haven’t had a looked at it yet! =)

As a matter of interest, where did you find the information? (it is something that I was looking for a while ago but didn’t find).

It’s in the imagecache.htm-file =)

OK, so where did you find the imagecache.htm file?

in the “Theme” directory inside your Audacity settings folder. This folder can be found at:
Windows: Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity
OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity
Linux: ~/.audacity-data

Interesting - I don’t have that file.
I wonder which version(s) of Audacity it is included with.