Code examples

Are there any sources of code examples or tutorials for Nyquist? I have a basic understanding, but I have trouble implementing some of the more advanced concepts/functions. I’ve looked at the Nyquist Reference manual, but sometimes it’s not always clear. I try to write my own code but sometimes I just can’t figure out why it’s not working or functioning the way I think it should.

There is a very useful “plug-ins reference” here:

For LISP functions, there is a separate manual that has examples for almost every function: and it is definitely worth bookmarking the “language reference” page:

There are some code examples and mini-tutorials on my web site and a few examples on the Audacity wiki here:

Also, please feel free to ask questions here on the forum :wink:

I guess one thing I’ve tried to play with is the physical models (Section in the Nyquist Manual). How do I actually use the various instrument functions (clarinet, sax, flute, etc)? I’ve tried playing with the various parameters, but I just get a long, awful sounding tone.