cn anyone help me record over a beat

i dunno how to record using audacity
i have a dynamic mic and headphones buh need sum advice ASAP

read the tutorials

There is a tutorial here for making a simple voice and music podcast
The method for recording vocals over a beat is basically the same as described in that tutorial.

i dnt get it itz too confusing
can anyone explain it to me in brief?

the tutorial is as brief as it can be and still tell you anything

if it is too long then maybe you dont have eough time to mess with recording anything

In brief:

  1. Import the “beat” track into Audacity.
  2. Record the vocal track
  3. Export as an audio file (for example as a WAV file).

If you get stuck you will need to describe what parts you have managed to do and at what point you get stuck.

If you can’t understand the tutorials what can we possibly tell you that will be any different?

If you understand better with a visual explanation search youtube for audacity tutorials… I’m pretty sure you shall find plenty!

There are a load of Audacity tutorials on the web - not provided by Audacity team - some are good some are iffy.

See this page from the Audacity Wiki for links:


thanks 4 your help people

1 last thing do yu no how to seperate the vocal off a song cn you actually do that??

short answer no - unless you have the voice on one track and the music on the other one

if you have the budget of the cia or can print money like the feds
you might be able to get close enough for govt work though

stand by her on the forum
maybe someone will tell you how to do it - sometimes - depending
sort of - maybe - if you have a stereo recording with the voice absolutely centered

if you have realtek sound card they have a karoke feature
that will rip that voice out of the track for you

there are some commercial programs that claim to do it but is ti
worth spending money to see if they really can do it?

faster easier better cheaper to find a recording with the music and no voice to start with ( or the voice with no music depending which way you want )

“separate” could mean either “remove” the vocals, or “isolate” the vocals (remove everything else except for vocals).
Both versions are discussed on this page:

Vocal Removal is relatively easy provided that the original audio track meets certain conditions - namely that it is a stereo track and the vocals are dead centre in the mix with no stereo effects on the vocal and the remaining instruments are not dead centre in the stereo mix.

Vocal isolation is much more difficult and will usually produce fairly poor sound quality (if it works at all, which it may not)

I have it on good authority that neither the CIA or the FBI are not in the business of making Karaoke backing tracks.

no but the cia will isolate a voice
so it can reproduce it
and make a bogus recording
for disinformation purposes

Here’s what I did, per the tutorial:

Go to Edit, in the drop down click Preferences, in the Audio I/O tab check both of the boxes at the bottom, the first one to hear the track while you record your voice, the second one to hear your voice over the track as you’re recording.

The BIG problem I’m having with this is, you hear your voice about one beat after you start talking, there’s a delay there that is REALLY DISTRACTING.

Having come from a radio background I HAVE to hear myself as I record over the music, so this delay is impossible to work with.

Hi Terry,
If you look in Audacity “Help menu > About Audacity” it will tell you the version number.
If you can then post your question in the part of the forum that is relevant to your version of Audacity and your operating system someone may be able to offer appropriate advice.

General tips on how to get help:

  1. be as specific as possible
  2. include your version of Audacity (for example, 1.2.6).
  3. include your operating system (for example, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Intel Mac OS X 10.4).
  4. include details of what you were trying to do, what steps led to the problem occurring, and details of any error messages.