I read some instructions posedt in GitHub about Audacity. It reads: CMake is required to build the local copy of the libsoxr resampling library used by Audacity, unless you install libsoxr-dev and use that system library. I also get some info from win\compile.txt in the source code in which no Cmake is mentioned. I am not a programmer and I do not have experience to compile Audacity. I just want to re-compile Audacity for use with ASIO. Please explain what this Cmake is for. I looked into the Cmake website which indicated Cmake was a software. How do I use it? One more question. I also read something that the software Python is needed. Please explain.


For compiling on Windows, see:

Thank you for directing to read that web page. Now I know the Python. The question is the CMake and I still could not figure out whether I need Cmake or not. It says it is needed to build a local copy of the libsoxr resampling library used by Audacity. Do I need to build a local copy since I compile Audacity to use with ASIO? Please do not mind my ignorance about the libsoxr resampling library. What is it? I have not yet found any instruction as to how to use Cmake.
Thank you.

Audacity uses libsoxr for resampling. For example, if you import a file that has a sample rate of 48000 Hz and you export it with a sample rate of 44100 Hz, then it is libsoxr that handles changing the sample rate. It is also used to allow tracks that have different sample rates to be played at the same time. libsoxr is required for Audacity 2.1.3.

I don’t use Windows myself, but I believe that the instructions on the wiki should work if followed exactly. I’d suggest that you try making a standard build (without ASIO) first, then if that works, go for an ASIO build.

I assume the confusion comes from I added a paragraph there

On Windows and Mac, everything necessary to build libsoxr is provided if you checkout the complete source code from GitHub, either the latest code or a tagged release.