Noob would be a compliment here. I installed and successfully patched together a project. In trying to open it it says Audacity cannot recognize it. It is a .aup listing so I don’t understand. I looked in each of the elements and there is nothing there to assist me.
I put the project on a memory stick, brought it home, put Audacity on my laptop and can see the saved file but Audacity cannot “recognize” it. I am running windows 7. I attempted to import using the raw data but it does not recognize that either.
ANY suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks, Greg :confused:

OK. Deep breath. Relax the shoulders.

Audacity does not save sound files. Never has. To get a normal, stand-alone sound file like WAV or MP3, you have to File > Export one.

You have parts of an Audacity Project. You can push those around, too if you know what you’re doing. If you File > Save > MyMusic, you should get a folder called MyMusic_data and a MyMusic.aup file. The aup file tells audacity what to do with all that stuff in the _data folder. The _data folder has your show in kit form. You can transfer a Project wherever you want, but you do have to keep the aup file and the _data folder in the same place or folder for it to open.

Also note that Audacity will not open newer Projects. Audacity 1.3.5 will not open a 2.0.2 Project.

It gets a little more complex. MP3 requires special additional software because of licensing agreements.