Closing a hole in a recording

I record from my old 1960’s and 1970’s LPs to CD. Sometimes the LP has a repeating skip. How can I mark, delete the skipping, and splice the remaining stuff together?

Searched FAQ, and manual, but just did not find.

When I try, it ends up deleting the entire track.

Audacity 2.0.3, Windows XP SP3

You have to select the audio you want to delete. Please see this link .

You may need to get the selection exactly correct. Press C on your keyboard to listen to the audio either side of the selection. This lets you hear what it would sound like after deleting the selection.

If you want to label selections at any time, hold CTRL on your keyboard and press B.

After selecting the correct audio, press Z on your keyboard to finely trim the selection so that its edges lie at silence. This will hopefully avoid adding a click where you delete (you may not be able to see there is silence at the selection edges until you zoom a long way in, but you do not need to zoom in).

Now press DELETE on your keyboard to delete the selection.

Assuming you are deleting on the one track, the remaining audio after the delete moves back, so you don’t need to splice anything together.

If you make a mistake, hold CTRL and press Z to undo.

Are you sure the skips are not dirt on the record? You should clean the records before recording them. Please see this link .


Keep in mind, these LP’s are OLD. BAD OLD. There are Senators in DC that are not as old as these LP’s. I use a high end Marantz direct drive turntable and an ancient Radio Shack LP cleaner with tiny “fingers” to clean them. They’re as clean as they’re gonna get, and played on equipment as good as it gets. This is why Audacity. CD’s don’t skip.

Thank you for the procedure. I’ll use it from now on. On two, there is one skipping place per CD, so I’m not redoing. Still got a lot of 60’s and 70’s rock, and some classical to record.

Audacity rocks. :smiley:

high end Marantz direct drive turntable

Did you set the skating control? If you do that right, the arm recovers from a skip to the place it’s supposed to be. Very valuable on older recordings.


I find the pressure counterweight to be more valuable. The skating control works only sometimes, at least on this turntable. On records that have skip problems, I add 2 or 3 grams pressure, and it usually stops all but the very worst. Did that with Tubular Bells. Then, after recording, I reset the pressure to what it was before.

Clean is the key! That ancient Radio Shack cleaner, not available since 1995, is a wonder. You put a special fluid on it, that’s mostly water, and GENTLY brush the tracks with a rolling motion that lifts trapped dirt off while exposing fresh fingers to the tracks. After each cleaning, you clean the dust off the cleaner by brushing with your finger. Bought it in the '70’s.

To my knowledge, I’ve never left a fingerprinbt in the track area. Again, CLEAN.