Close, Mute and Solo not working new version for Mac Silicon

Hello, I have a new Silicon version Mac, I have used and loved Audacity for years on transferring to my new computer I found that some Audacity functions, Solo, Mute and Close were not working, on Googling answers were to press Shift and Mute or Solo which only froze the track in that state, there was no way to unMute and Audacity froze, so I uninstalled it and downloaded the latest Silicon Mac compatible version. The Mute, Solo and Close functions are still not working at all, nothing happens, I cannot delete, mute or solo a track, etc. this is very frustrating. I have also looked at the set Audacity to Simple in preferences which was the answer given to others with this issue, but it was already set to this and they don’t work. I understand that some of the features have been affected by the MUSE options, I use Audacity for sound art and not for making music, so I really need to have access to the mute solo and close options. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it, Thank you.

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