Close command from Python exits Audacity


I’m running a script in Audacity 3.0.0 from Visual Code with Python 3.

Everything works fine until the last command - Close - that instead of closing the project, exits Audacity. It worked fine about two-three years ago.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

I would strongly suggest updating at your earliest convenience. There have been some important bug fixes since Audacity 3.0.0.
The current version is 3.0.5:

That’s probably a bug. The close command works ok for me.

Thank you, Steve!

Can you remind me how to upgrade from a portable installation?

I did install in a different folder and created a folder called “Portable Settings”. That seems to work for a new installation but how do I move all my settings? The Macros I can copy but what about the preferences? I didn’t see that explanation in the manual.

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Preference Settings are in “audacity.cfg”. If you are using a “Portable Settings” folder, “audacity.cfg” should be in there.

Documentation is here: (If you are viewing the manual on a computer, there’s a link to “Preferences” in the “Navigation” list in the left hand column).