Close after application.

Dear specialists! At some point in the settings of some effects there were changes. They became real-time preview. This has its own meaning, but also one minus. Now these plugins do not close after applying. That is, there is no option for them to close themselves. Please provide for additional setting “Close after application”. Separate request for effects Phaser and sc4_1882.dll. Thank you! See also topics:
The question in this regard is, will there be beta versions for Audacity, which number is indicated and where can I download it?

I have logged your “vote” for this feature.

Audacity is primarily developed by volunteers in their spare time. As volunteers, the developers choose what they want to work on, when they want to work on it, and how they want to work on it. When the feature is ready, it is included in the release version of Audacity. In short, I have no idea if or when this feature will be available.

The main areas of development work right now are; support for “scripting” and “Chains”, translations for the shipped Nyquist plug-ins, bug fixing and library updates.

Another path for adding new features, which has happened very occasionally, is that someone, (usually a company), will sponsor a developer at commercial rates or above, to develop a specific feature. This rarely happens because of the high costs of software development (usually thousands of dollars - According to OpenHub the estimated cost of Audacity development, if it were a commercial product, is around $7.5m)

I’ve written about this problem for a long time. When such an effect (where you have to press “Close”) one, can still be reconciled. But when their 2 -3 or more (and will be), it already makes the work much more difficult.

Ah, I get it. For Mac there are alpha versions. And for Windows will be?

The problem was solved by unexpected way, namely the inclusion of the effect, in particular, SC4, to the Batch chain. Now SC4, when in the chain, as expected, after the application closes itself, you don’t need to click “Close”.

OIC it is the effects with Real Time Preview (RTP) that have the “Close” and “Apply” buttons - this was done, I think, so that the RTP could be tested then applied (leaving the RTP effect open) and even retested and reapplied - hence the need for the “Close” button.

The non-RTP effects still just have the older “OK” and “Cancel” buttons - where OK applies the effect and closes the effect dialog upon completion.

But, it has led me to spot a problem with our documentation:

Using Bass & Treble as an example:

a) the Audacity app - the released 2.2.2 (and the test alpha for 2.3.0) show the far right buttons in the effect’s dialog as “Close” and “Apply

b) but the page in the manual shows the effect as having “OK” and “Cancel” buttons.

And this seems to be the case with other RTP effects

I will discuss this with the developers to ascertain what the true button set is meant to be.

And I will endeavour to ensure that the Manual is updated correctly for the upcoming 2.3.0 release.