"Clock" toolbar decreases in size

Each day I spend at least 30 minutes recording and 60 minutes “raw editing”. These processes involve:-

  1. Saving my audio clips (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+E) as a track
  2. Closing the track
  3. Reopening the track as a single clip (Ctrl+Shift+I)
  4. Opening a new project (Ctrl+Shift+N) as a scratch file to re-record snippets of text
  5. Copy/Pasting between the two projects
  6. and more
    These processes may see me shut down Audacity (Alt+F, X) and then reload it after lunch for a Fresh Start.
    Here I am, a late start to be sure. At 10:49 Audacity is ready to start recording. I have dragged the clock and re-sized it so that I can keep an eye on when it is time for me to stretch my legs and/or check on the rising bread dough in the kitchen.
    And here I am almost six hours later (fresh bread = a long lunch!), on the last leg of the day’s track.

Note that the clock digits and the clock “box” have shrunk throughout the day.

I have not managed to work out exactly when the clock shrinks; that is, what series of my actions cause a quantum change in size, but will try to isolate it if any suggestion can be made.

This is not much more than a slight annoyance, but as usual, I believe that a slight error somewhere can unbalance something elsewhere. So if nothing else I would be happy if this can be added to a to-do list that embraces the clock size.

Hi Chris,

I’m afraid I cannot replicate this on W10 with 3.1.3 or the latest alpha master test build I have fir the upcoming 3.2.0.

But note that I am not waiting six hours between re-launches :wink:


Hi Peter, and thanks. As a long-time programmer I have been trying to determine when the size change occurs, but with both eyes fixed on the text I have not yet spotted the instant the size changes, or even the event which triggers the change. For all I know it might be a pixel change every ten seconds!
On top of recording 5,000 words per day, I am also testing a method of parsing JSMill’s rambling 1830s-era sentences into breathable phrases, so I have other stuff on my mind.

I am not actually waiting six hours between launches. The time is 6:26 as i type this; I might start a short and simple Section (1,500) at 7:00 and be done reading by 7:30, done editing by 8:00, then start the next section. Or this first section might be 9,100 words with a lunch break in the middle and three leg-stretch breaks. I could reload Audacity every half-hour if I/you thought that might be a fix for this annoyance. I don’t mind poking Audacity with a stick to see how it responds.

As far as I have been able to note, it is only this clock toolbar that is effected by change; at least in any visible sense, so it seems to me that if there is a resize_the_clock_toolbar piece of code, it is invoked during a recording/editing session.

Anyway, let this thread be a record that once upon a time, on a remote peninsula swept by freezing-rain storms …

Cheers, Chris

Just a wild guess: If you open “Preferences” and then click “OK”, does that resize the clock?
(It doesn’t for me on Linux, but this is one of the few places in the code where a bug could possibly cause the symptom that you describe).

Just for the record, this was the smallest rendition (most shrinkage) I saw over the past few weeks; it shrank to this size at the end of a long session of editing a series of FAC files.
I still have not detected a trigger.

Steve, my apologies. I missed this response from almost a fortnight ago.
I am for a short while finished using Audacity, as the large JSMill project is done, and I have not started a new project. But I will experiment with “Preferences” once I get going again.
Thank you for the suggestion.

On Windows 10, if the time toolbar is undocked, then after opening preferences and pressing OK, the time control shrinks slightly.

Thanks David.

Do you know if that bug is logged?

Doesn’t look like it. It would be a fairly low priority bug, given that the workaround is simply to have the toolbar docked.

I couldn’t find it either, so I logged it.
I don’t expect it will be fixed any time soon, but now that it’s logged it’s possible that someone might look at fixing it.

Thank you David and Steve. I am relieved to hear that it isn’t my eyesight that is failing. Again :laughing:
Cheers, Chris