Clips of imported audio showing up throughout the rest of my audio


I’m editing a podcast episode together with Audacity and have come across an issue I’ve mever encountered before.

There is a lot of imported audio in each episode of the podcast. Music, pre-recorded clips etc. Whilst editing this particular episode together I’ve found that some of the parts where the hosts are talking have been replaced or been mixed together with short clips from the imported audio in random places.

Any ideas how to fix this? The only difference in recording this episode has been that I have a new laptop. Usually we record using one guy’s laptop, save the project file onto an external hdd then I edit the episode at home on my laptop. With my previous laptop, I had an older version of Audacity and it’s the same version we record with. With that process, I’ve never had any problems over 30+ episodes edited together. On the new laptop, I have the newest version of Audacity but the version we record through is still an old one. Could this be the cause? Or is it something completely different?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Other than “human error”, I can’t think of any explanation for how that could happen. From the absence of other replies, I guess no-one else can either.