Hi I have recently been downloading from “limewire” for instance the song “dynamite” Taio cruz…Every single download I made was showing clipping when I put it into Audacity…Infact every song I ever download shows clipping in Audacity,I usually de-amplify a little bit,But usually these downloads from lime wire are massivly in the red…Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or is all the songs put onto limewire totally crap…Do i need to reset Audacity ???.. Any advice would be appreciated…I always try and download the best quality usually 320kbs

Any of the “songs” on this page overload?

They’re all short test clips. If you’re like most people, you really like one type of song, Eskimo Lithuanian Square-Dancing, for example, and your downloads are likely to originate from one place. LimeWire is a network management system. I don’t think it even knows what it’s carrying.

If the uploader routinely applied loudness compression to the work, then I wouldn’t be shocked that everything was overloaded. Everybody knows modern music peaks have to live at zero.