Clipping signal problems

Hello, I am having recording volume problems, I have my laptop microphone at the lowest level but I still have the signal clipped producing distorsion. What else do I need to do in order to avoid clipping signal ? Thanks for any help

Que tal, estoy teniendo problemas con el volumen de grabación. A pesar de que el volúmen del micrófono esta en lo más bajo, la señal esta “clippeada” y al reproducirla tengo bastante distorción y no he logrado que la señal NO rebase el 1.0 y -1.0, que me está haciendo falta en la configuración para mejorar la calidad de grabación ?

Are you actually recording the laptop microphone, or are you recording something plugged into the microphone connector on the side of the laptop?

Windows? Mac?


Hello, I have a Windows laptop and I am recording from the stereo plugged into the microphone connector.

The sound level provided by your entertainment music system can be as much as 1000 times louder than the one the Mic-In of a laptop is expecting. Since the laptop is expecting a very weak signal from a microphone, it’s easily damaged and adjusting the computer’s volume controls will not help.

You can plug your music system directly into almost any Mac, but the Macs will not handle a microphone like the PCs will.

Deskside PCs can do what you want because they have very much larger sound cards with many different inputs and outputs. You need a computer with Line-In.


Or you could buy something like the Behringer UCA202. That will give you a stereo Line In that you can plug any Line Level signal into.