clipping in purchased music

I’m new to Audacity and have been familiarizing myself with its functions, using music that I have purchased as downloads and from cd’s. I have found that on the music downloads, with show clipping enabled, there is a LOT of red lines, although the wave form does not seem to be truncated in the project window. The file from a ripped cd did not exhibit this. The downloaded music was either MP3 or AIFF (Apple iTunes Store), the cd was m4a.

Is this to be expected, and should I/could I do anything about it? I tried using the equalization effect on a portion but it did not seem to do much. Or should I just not worry about it, being, perhaps, where a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous?

Using and OS 10.6.8, not that it matters.



Your question is discussed in this topic:

Perfect, thank you. And just the other day at that.

I’ll endeavour to search more effectively in the future.