ClipFix module

Newb question: Will ClipFix degrade unclipped music files in any way?

Not all of my files are clipped, but a good number of them are. I cannot manually process 12K+ files to look for clipping. Therefore I plan to use a simple chain that I created and process my files one album at a time:

Amplify: Ratio=0.794328 (-2 gain)
ClipFix: thresh=95 (default setting)
Normalize: ApplyGain=yes RemoveDcOffset=yes Level=-1.000000 StereoIndependent=yes (default setting)

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

ClipFix is not a very sophisticated effect, and although it is unlikely to cause damage, it could do. It’s really one of those effects that needs to be applied manually so that you can check that the cure is better than the problem. Obviously checking through 12,000 files is not practical so I’d just assume that they are not clipped - if you later find one that is, then you can try fixing it.

Do you really need to process 12,000 files? How many of them will you use in the next 12 months?

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the reply. While I do not technically “need” to process all of my files, using chains I can batch process them one album at a time in short order. I will tinker with that in the coming weeks. So far it has been educational and even fun.

What I have found is that my CD rips are not actually clipped, but rather the sound level reaches the “limit” set by Audacity. As you know I can simply normalize the file to add a bit of headroom if I wish. If I am not mistaken normalizing does a decent job of adjusting volume levels so that I am not tweaking my volume control as often. I don’t know why but some of my CD rips are set to a very low volume level. Thanks to Audacity that is a very simple fix.

My thanks to the Audacity community for such a terrific tool.

Your friend,

Len Huppe