Clipboard question - is copying automatic?

I’m using 2.4.2 on OS 10.15.5. I primarily use Audacity to edit podcasts, so I do a lot of highlighting and removing of sections.

Something I recently started noticing is, when I highlight and remove a section, is that it is automatically copied to the clipboard. In other words, I don’t have to do Command-C for something to move to the clipboard.

Is this a new feature/setting? If so, can you show me how to change it?

Thank you!


How are you removing the section? If you “cut” the section, then a copy remains on the clipboard, but if you “delete” a section then it doesn’t.

Steve, you’re a life-saver! Works just like it should now!

Yeah, I had it on “cut” rather than “delete.” I’m using a Kensington trackball and recently updated to their “KengingtonWorks” extension, so I must have changed that hotkey when I reconfigued.

Thank you!