Clipboard - Multi Track Editing

Hi there,

I often work with several and longer recordings, and would therefore prefer o have a seperate clipboard, where I can save mulitiple clips that I can drag and drop from the timeline into the board and vice versa. Is that at all possible in Audacity?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Riki. Create an empty (dummy) track of the same type as your other audio tracks (mono/stereo) and click the Mute button on the track so that it does not play. You can now use that as an extra “clipboard”.

Thank you for your answer - that leaves me with another question - what do I do, if I want to save the track with multiple clips, so I can use it in anoter project? Can I save that track only? And do I need to delete the track, when I fuse the project I am making into a mp3 or waw file?

When you Export, all audible tracks are mixed into one continuous track. If you “clipboard” track is muted, then it will not be included in the mix (because there is no sound from that track).

To export multiple audio clips from one track:
Set that track to “Solo”. (IMPORTANT)
Mark each audio clip with a label (shortcut: double click on the clip to select it, then press Ctrl+B)
Then use “Export Multiple”.
See here for more details: