clip replacement to auto move subsequent tracks ?

Audacity 2.0.3
I have many tracks, (each stereo) with many clips, some tracks have many clips, some only one.
If I replace a clip on one with a better clip, be it a longer or shorter clip, I need all the subsequent tracks clips to move in unison to keep their relationship to this clips end position .
If I double click the clip and it goes darker blue and I go paste and replace that with a better but shorter clip, the subsequent clips on that track move left and are now all out of register with the tracks below them.

How can I get all the tracks clips to automatically move en masse right or left depending on if the replaced clip becomes shorter or longer ?

Merlin lll

It depends if you want no clip movement except for the pasted clip being shortened.

If you only want the pasted clip to shorten, open the Preferences, choose “Tracks” and uncheck “Editing a clip can move other clips”. Then no other clips will move.

If you want all clips to right of the paste to move in all tracks, don’t change the Preference but enable Tracks > Sync-Lock Tracks.


There’s a page in the manual about Sync-Locked Tracks