clip drag issues!!

I’m experiencing big troubles with the new clip dragging feature in 3.1.0.
When I try to drag a stereo clip very often only a channel is moved!!! so i have to manually re-allign the clip. It’s very annoying. Also the overall clip moving is buggy. Many times when dragging a clip a deleted part appears again. It’s a mess, believe me. I’m a very expericenced Audacity user.
Also I have playback issues with 3rd party plugins that worked perfectly until now. I make multitracks remixes and i made more than 400 remixes with Audacity, but today i had to roll back to version 3.0.5, sorry it just doesnt work…

The clip handles work the same as the old time shift tool in terms of logic: If you’re on a stereo track, what clips get dragged depends on your cursor position. It drags all tracks under your cursor.

This is the new trimming feature. You’ll note that the cursor changes from a hand (dragging clips around) to an ↔ arrow when near the edge of a clip. Trimming is non-destructive, so you can undo it later. See Redirecting to: for an overview of what’s new.

which kinds of issues, and which plugins?

Thank you for your reply.

  1. I know the new clip drag SHOULD be like the old one, but sometimes it doesn’t. A fixed stereo track is splitted in left and right, and it’s surely a bug.

  2. Im aware of the new non destructive trim feature, but happens that sometimes an audio segment trimmed the old style way (deleted) comes alive!

  3. the problem with plugins is the following. Each plugin interface has a play button to preview the effect. The preview playback should start at the beginning of the selected audio I want the plugin to make effect.
    With 3.1.0 the playback of the preview does starts on a non selected audio.