Clip boundaries, selection tool

Hi! I have multiple clip boundaries of various lengths on different tracks. Sometimes, it occurs that the selection tool does not detect some boundaries and will not snap to them. Is there a setting I have to change to select which track’s clip boundaries I want to snap to? Thanks

Do you have Snap To checked (ticked): ? If so, turn it off.

Also if the clip boundaries were labelled when Snap To was set to a high resolution format such as hh:mm:ss + samples, the Boundary Snap Guides may not appear when you reopen the project and drag to the labels.


No, Snap To is not checked and I never checked it while working with the project. It’s just some clip boundaries taking priority over others it seems.

Can you post a small example project online that demonstrates the problem?

We assume you are using the latest Audacity 2.0.5, of course: .