Clicks on edits

I keep getting click noises or snaps on audio edits. I tried to normalize first, I’ve widened and narrowed the track, moved it here and there, but nothing stops these noises, which are intermittent and don’t always happen.

I tried to normalize first

There’s tricks to that. You have to Normalize: Remove DC. Not just Normalize. You have to do it to the individual clips in your production. It doesn’t work after the fact. Once you have the clicks, that’s usually the end of the world.

Use the zoom tools and zoom into one of the clicks.

The top one will snap or click, the bottom one not so much. No, it’s not going to be that neat and orderly. Also, generally avoid any straight lines in the blue waves. Natural sound doesn’t have straight lines.

You can have DC problems.

That usually is only audible if one of the clips in your edit has problems, but not all of them. That could be why only some of your edits make noise. Bookkeeping works here. See if your noise always matches to only one or two clips.

For example: “Every time I use the woman’s voice clip, it pops going in and out.”