Clicks issue SOLVED

Since the previous thread has been locked, I am posting here my final comment and the solution.

After troubleshooting several potential causes I have finally solved the click problem.

To me, those clicks sounded not like dropouts due to competing with other programs for the resources or anything else, but more like the connection dropouts.

So in the moment of enlightenment I moved my mic USB plug to the back panel of my PC (I have a HP workstation tower) as the front panel USB ports - even though replaced not long ago with a new motherboard- are poorly designed being too shallow and are not holding the connectors tightly leaving some wiggle room. The back panel USB ports are deeper and much more stable.

And 99% of the clicks are gone. Just a handful of minutes ones remained, mainly between the words which I can easily remove, and in an 8 min recording I had only 14 tiny clicks underneath the voice which I can quickly remove with just one click (pun intended) with De-clicker in my amazing Adobe Audition.

That I can deal with, and the pain is gone.

So it’s not Audacity, not the mic, not the mic cord, not other programs competing for the resources - but the poorly designed front panel USB ports in my HP PC causing millisecond connection dropouts recorded as clicks. (And it is an expensive computer, mind you).

I have now moved to Adobe Audition.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you all for your support over the years!