clicks and pops in V2.0.5

I am getting pops and clicks in tracks I record using V2.0.5

I’m using a 2006 Mac Mini 1.5GHz, core solo with 4G RAM, 256M cache and 500G hard drive with plenty of free space.

I recorded some tracks using V2.0.4 with no problems other than the occasional record hang, the tracks I recorded sounded great. I upgraded to V2.0.5 and laid some more tracks down on my project and the newly recorded tracks has clicks and pops… sounded kind of random but there is an underlying regularity to their interval in the tracks.

I did a test of recording two tracks at different times and then visually scanned the waveforms for clicks and pops. When I located them I noticed that the clickpops were in the same locations on the two tracks but of varying severity between the two, this probably accounted for the somewhat random sound and intervals they produced.

I have not tossed out my V2.0.4 yet, should I revert back or is there something I might try like changing the record buffer size or sacrificing to some god or waiting for 2.0.6 before upgrading from 2.0.4?

The troubles started with 2.0.4. Can you go back to 2.0.3?

I can go back to 2.0.4, I never had 2.0.3.

2.0.4 seemed to work just fine for me except the record hangs every now and again, not a big deal but I thought 2.0.5 would fix that. This is why I upgraded. I guess by your reply this is a known bug.

1.5GHz, Core Solo? That’s not a very powerful machine. Are you trying to overdub? Is your drive internal?

Close everything you have running or “sleeping” in the Dock. Gather up the thousands of icons you have on the desktop and stuff them all into one Folder.

Really close Skype.

Did it get better?


There was a bug that got introduced after 2.0.4 into the alpha testing versions produced for 2.0.5 - but the change that caused that was reverted by the developers before 2.0.5 was released - so I’m surprised you’re getting this.

When I was testing (with the bug) I was getting clicks at every 5.5 seconds or multiples of 5.5: 11, 16.5, 22 seconds.

I tested for this carefully on the 2.0.5 Release Candidates and could not replicate that clicky behaviour on my Windows 7 64-bit Toshiba laptop

What source are you recording from? Are you using the computer’s on-board soundcard or an external USB soundcard?


As Koz says.

Also make sure that you have the clipping indicators turned off while you are recording as these consume compute power - go to View > Show Clipping and un-check it.

And try zooming out far enough to accommodate the entire recording that you anticipate making as this will miminize the amount or re-drawing (which also consumes compute power).