I am running a PPC Mac OSX 10.4.11 and last night all files recoded on Audacity no longer upload on such program.
I tried saving them to WAV,AIFF and FLAC (converted to WAV & AIFF on XLD) and still nothing.
All other files that were recorded on Audacity load on CR so I removed both softwares re-ins and still CR does not load AUdacity (WAV’s/AIFF’s) files.
Has the sofware became corrupted somehow?
I did used the software with another file I had prior recorded with Audacity sometime ago and it went smoothly.
Is it my mac?

Any thoughts?



Which version of Audacity? (look in the Audacity menu > About Audacity).

Are you referring to Brian Davies’s Click Repair application?

If you are exporting as 16-bit WAV, ensure that the file name is valid for a WAV file and ends with the file extension “.wav”

Extremely unlikely. It’s far more likely that you have a wrong setting somewhere.
If the problem is a wrong setting in Audacity, it could be worth resetting Audacity preferences back to their defaults. See here for how to do that:


The last version of Audacity.Yes, Mr Davies ClickRepair.I think there might be something to do with my mac itself.
I will take it to a pro to see if there is something records and all other programs run smoothly.
Only CR has the issue with Audacity files. [WAV & AIFF]

Many thanks for your reply.


You should look at the pink panel at the top of the page and ensure you have the current 2.1.2 Audacity release supplied by us

Does Click Repair accept a very short file from Audacity but not a long one? What does ClickRepair support say?



I have the last version of Audacity just downloaded a couple of days ago.
ClickRepair takes all kinds of lenghths.
I think it is my Mac that has a problem not Audacity or CR.
Will have to wait till I get a pro sometime this week.

Many thanks for your reply,I appreciate it.


Hi Gale,

Mr Davies said it might be a problem on my mac,and I believe it Audacity works fine and long as I use files that were not recorded using an audio editor (that is Audacity or any other)

From one minute to the other it stopped working.

So as I mentioned earlier it is my mac.cannot be anything else.

there are no error windows etc so it is difficult to know where the problem lies.

Thank you for support.