clickrepair and its denoisier

hi gang
i bought click repair and it works very well as u guys said it would…but i cant get the hang of its
“campanion” denoisier…its so complicated i was wondering if there is anyone one here who has
used it and can advise me…or an aulturnative denoiseier software thats easier to use?thanks


Hi Lenny,

as I have commented before Brian’s De-Noiser is considerably harder to use than his ClickRepair whch is very straighforward to use.

I have a copy of ClickRepair which I bought three yeas ago and have used regularly since. When I first got it I did some experimenting and audio tests and then chose s et of personal defaults which are now my “standard” settings which I use all the time.

I did experiment also with De-Noise for a 21-day free-trial period. It was still straightforward to use - but managing the comntrols to get the desired effect takes a bit more work. And unlike CR where I can use my “standard” settings - I found with De-Noise that I had to recalibrate for every recording. I don’t have any 78s, but I did have one doulcle LP which was lod blues recordings obviosly taken from 78s and before tha advent of digital sound processing and editing. I needed different settings for each track on the LP - hard work. But it did do the job well once you got the settings right. What is particularly useful is the feature that Brian gives (both in CR and DN) whereby you can listen to the “Noise” that is being removed and thus you can determine if you are attemting to remove too much music signal.


i c…i was hoping it would be as easy as click repair…you know more automatic
for us newbies…are there any other easier denoisiers that is easier to use than
this one?thanks.


I suspect not Lenny. It’s basically down to the problem that de-noising is a more subtle, complex process than de-clicking.


yea thats what i thought…thanks…