Clicking While Recording Every Two Minutes

listenign to streaming radio, which translated when recording it.

In other words, it started skipping when the machine had to play and record, in real time, at the same time. I can understand that. Computers are time share devices. They don’t do real time anything. Getting one to perform two different real time tasks would be stressy.

I’m not sure what such diagnostic tools would be

Does Windows have anything? I know we’re getting into the weeds here, but Macs will tell you lists of things that are running and how much horsepower they’re soaking up (attached). Over the past bunch of months I found two instances of programs soaking up 90% or more of the processor and causing operations problems. One I removed and the other I can’t, so I keep watch.

a customised gaming rig…Blender to edit and render my videos,

I don’t remember if we ever brushed by this or not, but Audacity is not recommended for live gaming production. Having two (or more) sound programs beating each other bloody over mastery of a central sound service is not a good fight to watch. Had this been a simple gamer failure way early on we would have just sent you over to FRAPS software (designed for this purpose) and gone home.

Your older gamer machine that worked? That’s the celebrity. This one’s normal.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 20.38.40.png

Plug 'n play or not, older Snowballs manufactured from July 2007 to January 2009 with serial numbers lower than 76-065000 did not and do not support Vista or later out of the box:

You can’t rule these things out until we see lots of people using Snowballs on Windows 10, even though the problem may well be “something” on the computer.


I would not especially recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It was an add-on for Windows 7 and was essentially dumbed down to be ineffectual as an AntiVirus app in order not to harm the market for Windows AntiVirus app vendors. In contrast Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10 is finally beginning to get more respectable anti-virus scores in testing.

You are probably better off on the Windows 7 machine to use MalwareBytes or some other lightweight AntiVirus.

Windows does have Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) but it probably won’t help identify what is performing some operation every two minutes. You could try Process Monitor.


That separate sound recorder is looking more and more attractive.