Clicking the playthrough button cause loud feedback

My podcast partner and i upgraded to a mixing board and condenser mic for our podcast. We each bought our own headphone for the podcast. We noticed that we could not hear ourselves or each other in the headphones. We found out that we needed to click the “software playthrough” button under preferences. Once we did we immediately got a loud feedback noise. Any advice? Maybe we didn’t need to click the 'playthrough" button and needed something else? Looking to better our podcast with you help.


It’s very rare that you can listen to the computer when you perform live. There’s almost always a delay between saying “hello” and having “hello” come back to your headphones. Monitor from the mixer instead. That connection should be real time.

Then you can turn off Playthrough.

Your feedback is probably coming from Audacity trying to record the computer’s Stereo Mix rather than the mixer itself. This is the setting to record YouTube music. It’s usually not a good setting for live production. Change that in the Audacity Device Toolbar.


How did you connect your new mixer to your computer?

It’s connected through a USB.

Depending on your mixer, it’s becoming more popular (thank goodness) to be able to listen to computer playback as well as the mixer show in your mixer headphones at the same time. This will allow you to listen to Skype and yourselves at the same time with no obvious delays and feedback. Turn off Playthrough and plug into the mixer with either a “Y” headphone cable, or a headphone amplifier system.

Should y’all be budding musicians, that’s also the way to handle overdubbing/sound-on-sound.

Again, you listen to something other than the computer to avoid delays and echoes.


We are directly plugged into the mixer with a headphone splitter and I get the noise.

I need to drop out for a while.

It’s cool. I’ll try to write down a complete set up I have

You can start with the make and model of the mixer. That will give me something to chew on. Local mixer monitoring can be a little crazy on larger mixers.

It’s the Behringer Podcastudio with Xenyx 502. We started with the basic and if we like it, and can figure it out we’re gonna upgrade to a better mixer.